One-night-only art exhibitions in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

About Us

Established in 2021, we are a collective of friends and amateur artists dedicated to curating temporary art exhibitions in local spots around Chamonix. Our aim is simple: bring together diverse artists and art forms to create vibrant events for the community. Having already hosted two exhibitions, preparations for the third are underway... Stay tuned. 🎧

Outlines 1.0

In June 2021, our inaugural art exhibition took place at l'Alt, featuring the works of local artists Csilla Katay, Chiara Quadranti, Katie Hindson, and Aaron Rolph. The event was all about celebrating the mountains we love – appreciating their beauty and acknowledging their fragility.

Outlines 2.0 Voyage

The journey continued with our second exhibition, "Voyage," which set sail at La Librairie Sauvage. It featured the works of 10 talented artists, and celebrated art in all its forms: from travel sketches of past adventures to wooden lamps and vibrant mountain lines. A true visual Odyssey featuring Céline Gay, Chiara Quadranti, Cristina Cãliniou, Csilla Kátay, Luke Davies, Petr Vícha, Maëlys Bablon, Martine Quadranti and Natalie Villarroel.

Outlines 3.0 Wild Lives

Following the success of the previous edition, we're taking this outside...Introducing Wild Lives, an immersive art experience in the woodlands of Chamonix. Hanging clouds, hidden sculptures and hypnotic watercolours await. It's weird, it's wild, it's work in progress. So, untie your laces, take a walk on the wild side and let curiosity guide you on this barefoot journey through the woods.